Our Data

ReversePhone aggregates countless sources of public records and user-generated feedback to help you track down phone numbers and their owners with reverse phone lookups. Our mission is to help users always know who’s calling.

What data can ReversePhone provide?

We have millions of phone numbers and billions of data points which can help you look up a person, phone number, email address, vehicle, physical address, social media account. Trying to find out who a phone number is registered to? Do a reverse phone lookup.

What is public record data?

Remember when you signed up for that free credit card? Or those cell phone rebates and magazine subscriptions? Or even speeding tickets, mortgage deeds, social network profiles, and blog postings? They all reveal information about you, which is known as a public record.

Was this data always available?

Traditionally, these records have been maintained by governments and large corporations. It has been profitable for those in possession of the public records to maintain tight control over it. Thus, while it is publically available, the data is often hard to find (requiring trips to courthouses for example) and expensive to access (requiring fees for individual records).

Is there an easier way to get access?

Yes – ReversePhone merges public records into easy to understand reports. No need to pay hundreds of dollars, visit thousands of county clerks, and search millions of websites to find the public records you need. Our mission is to make public records easy and affordable for everyone.

Is your data accurate?

We curate data from dozens of providers, which gives us access to billions of data points. We offer access to contact information, publicly available personal information, and much more. Our data updates frequently, so be sure to set up Monitoring if you want to be notified when the information changes.