Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Additional FAQs

What should I use ReversePhone for?

Glad you asked! ReversePhone is a helpful tool for identifying phone numbers. You can potentially see who owns a number and if a call is unwanted spam. There are thousands of phone scams being perpetrated against unsuspecting people and ReversePhone is here to help identify those scammers. But wait! ReversePhone can’t be used in some cases such as looking up employees or tenants.

You can also leave comments so that others won’t be taken advantage of.

What is a spam caller? I thought “spam” was for email…

Spam isn’t just for email! ReversePhone calls any unwanted caller a “spammer” and a number belonging to unsolicited callers “spam”. Look for the Spam Score of any number on ReversePhone to determine whether you should pick up or not. There are many types of spam numbers, and you can mark down what type of spammer it is (telemarketer, robo-call, etc.) in the comments section.

What information should I mention in my comments?

Your comment will be made public, so please try and be as detailed and honest as possible in your comments. Mention what type of call it was, the name of the person or company calling, and other information that you think would be helpful.

Do you have info about every phone number in the world?

Nope, only United States phone numbers and others that are part of the North American Numbering Plan.

Why don’t you show info about number XXX-XXX-XXXX?

The ReversePhone strives to know about most numbers, but new ones are being created at an unprecedented rate by services like Google Voice and we may have yet to catch up. It never hurts to be the first person to leave a note about a new number!

Also, know that those 555 numbers you hear on TV shows and in movies most likely aren’t assigned to actual phones.

What about 800 and other toll free numbers?

We do allow spam reports and comments on 800, 877, 866 and other toll free numbers! We generally allow reports on most numbers but exclude some important numbers like:

  • Emergency Services - 911
  • Traveller Information - 511
  • Information - 411
  • Non-Emergency Info

and similar service or emergency numbers:

  • Call Before You Dig - 811
  • Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) - 711
  • Carrier Assistance - 611
  • Essential Human Services - 211

How do I contact ReversePhone?

Visit our contact page to leave a note for our helpful customer support team.