About ReversePhone.com

ReversePhone - The best way to know who’s calling!

Founded in 2024 and based in New York City, ReversePhone.com’s goal is to empower users to try and take greater control of their phone calls and those parts of their lives dedicated to such communication. Don’t fall prey to scammers and spammers, and take steps to increase your peace of mind by better examining who may be calling you at any given time.

In the past, access to phone number information was confusing and expensive, requiring the use of physical hardware or costly subscriptions. ReversePhone aims to reverse this trend with affordable pricing, helpful customer service, community input and a wide range of data.

Why ReversePhone?

ReversePhone.com’s Reverse Phone Lookup can help you track down unknown callers regardless of whether they’re using a landline, cell phone, unpublished or unlisted number, putting the power back in your hands to decide whether to answer a call, let it go to voicemail or call back.

We look through billions of public records and where available, we can help you to see who’s calling - that may include their location, complaints about the number, and more. See what our robust community of users and contributors have to say about a particular phone number, by consulting the comments included when deciding how to tackle unknown, and all too often unwanted, callers.

How does Reverse Phone Lookup work?

Running a reverse phone lookup is easy. Just enter the unknown phone number into the search box and the lookup matches the phone number with publicly available information about who may be calling, including their first and last name, age, job history, social media profiles, registered number location in a city or state, or whatever else may be available for that number.

  1. Start by entering a phone number into the search box.
  2. Wait a few minutes as we search for the owner’s name, location and related background information.
  3. View the individual report to identify potential names, ages, street addresses, social profiles and other available information.
  4. Explore community comments from other users to see if anyone else has experience with the unknown caller.
  5. Consider the available data to inform yourself of possible risks and better educate yourself as to who may be calling so that you need not handle the unknown call in the dark.

How long does a Reverse Phone Lookup take?

ReversePhone.com subscribers can look up phone number records in a matter of minutes. The search will scan and analyze billions of records and potential number holder matches. Once the results are ready, you can view and download individual reports to see potential names, ages, street addresses, social profiles and other available information.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Robust identification of unknown numbers: Search for information about unknown numbers beyond just caller ID. This may include potential owners, business details, social media profiles, or public records.
  • Name-based searches: Search by name to find someone’s contact information or uncover more details about a potential phone number owner.
  • Additional features: Explore innovative features like community-based spam reporting to flag known scammers, spammers and telemarketers.


Are ReversePhone searches confidential?

ReversePhone searches are private and discreet. Whether you’re looking up a spam caller or checking an unfamiliar number, nobody will be informed or alerted if their details have been looked up.

We ensure you get high quality information with complete privacy and discretion. No catches or caveats.

Why are some numbers “unknown”?

There are a number of reasons why an incoming call may be displayed as “unknown.” These include situations where the number is unlisted or made through a VoIP service or app. When a number is unlisted, it could mean the person, company or organization is trying to keep their information private by intentionally removing it from directories like white pages and yellow pages.

With VoIP services, callers can request phone numbers through services like Google Voice which can display as “unknown caller” if there is no profile name on the digital voice account. Reverse phone searches can still be used to try and track down information about these numbers.

Does a Reverse Phone Lookup work for blocked numbers?

Blocked numbers use *67 to hide their number on your phone’s caller ID. This may leave you without a number to look up using a reverse phone search. However, the number is still visible to your phone service provider. Try contacting your carrier to see if you can get the number from them. If you can locate the blocked number, use it to do a reverse number search.

What can Reverse Phone Lookup not find?

Reverse phone number searches are limited to public records and related data. For example, you won’t be able to see private network data like call logs, text messages, phone bills or other details about the phone number. All of this data is restricted to the phone carrier (e.g., T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon) and is not publicly available.