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Why Is The FEED Foundation Calling Me?

Why Is The FEED Foundation Calling Me?

The FEED Foundation is a charity fighting global hunger. Recently, scammers have spoofed their number for fraud. Report suspicious calls; the foundation does not solicit by phone. Read more here.

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What is The FEED Foundation?

The FEED Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) public charity committed to combating hunger and malnutrition worldwide. Founded with the mission to provide nutritious meals to those in need, the Foundation partners with various organizations to ensure that food reaches the most vulnerable populations. Through innovative programs and community involvement, the FEED Foundation strives to make a tangible impact on global hunger, promoting sustainable solutions and raising awareness about food security issues. The Foundation’s efforts are supported by donations and volunteerism.

Is The FEED Foundation legit?

Recently, there have been reports of unauthorized calls made to individuals falsely claiming to represent the FEED Foundation. These unsolicited calls have raised concerns about potential scams, causing confusion and distress among recipients. The FEED Foundation has publicly stated that it does not engage in cold-calling practices to solicit donations.

If you receive such a call, it is unlikely to be a legitimate representative from the organization.

The Mission and Impact of the FEED Foundation

The FEED Foundation is committed to establishing global food equity and ensuring sustainability in the food system—a system that is currently beleaguered by disparity and waste. Through its various programs, the foundation champions the belief that access to nutritious food is not just a necessity but a basic human right for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographic location.

The main objectives of the FEED Foundation revolve around a multi-faceted approach to ending hunger and promoting nutritional well-being. This includes not only providing immediate aid to those in need but also creating a foundation for lasting change through education, advocacy, and system-wide reforms. The guiding principles of the foundation encompass respect for human dignity, the power of community, and the importance of sustainability. By working with partners and innovators across diverse sectors, including food, politics, education, nutrition, finance, and agriculture, the FEED Foundation strives to construct a more equitable and sustainable food landscape.

Initiatives to fight hunger and malnutrition

The FEED Foundation has supported several key programs and initiatives aimed at making significant changes in global hunger and malnutrition. These efforts range from emergency food relief in crisis-stricken areas to the implementation of robust, sustainable projects aimed at preventing hunger in the long term.

A notable project is the partnership with local and international organizations to supply school meals. These initiatives have fed millions of schoolchildren, often in the most impoverished regions. By securing school meals, the FEED Foundation not only tackles short-term hunger but aids in promoting education, as the promise of a meal encourages school attendance and improves learning outcomes.

Is The FEED Foundation Calling Me?

The FEED Foundation appears to have been targeted in a spoofing scheme that aims to use the organization’s name in caller IDs as a cover for nefarious purposes. This has led to thousands of phone numbers falsely showing links to the organization, leading to a large volume of reports. To help shed more light on the matter, we reached out to the foundation to learn more and get to the root of the problem.

A representative from The FEED Foundation acknowledged the problem. “FEED does not now, nor have we ever, solicited financial support via telephone,” they stated. “We are aware of this issue and actively investigating it with our legal team.” The representative shed light on the broader implications, noting it as “a widespread and rampant spam issue that other organizations and businesses are dealing with too, especially in an election year.”

Regarding the spoofed calls, the Foundation was very clear: “We are in no way affiliated with these spammers, and never call or text our community to solicit funds.” They advised anyone impacted to immediately block the numbers and report the issue to authorities. “Our legal team has advised that anyone impacted block the numbers immediately and then report the issue to the relevant authorities via the Internet Crime Complaint Center at,” the representative stated, adding, “Again we are truly sorry and rest assured we have explored all possible actions with our legal team, phone companies, and relevant authorities to try to stop the spammers from fraudulently contacting our community.”

What Do These Fake FEED Foundation Callers Want?

Based on available data from user reports, calls with fraudulent links to the FEED Foundation appear to follow the patterns of a vast range of scams and robocall schemes. Some users report receiving calls that hang up when answered. Others have shared stories that follow a standard lottery prize scam script. Some users have reported receiving multiple calls a day from different area codes, all of which are linked to the FEED Foundation when a reverse number lookup is performed.

Feed Foundation scam comment

Feed Foundation scam comment

As confusing and frustrating as these calls are to those who receive them, these calls do not appear to originate from the actual FEED Foundation. The real organization is based in New York, NY, has a listed phone number of 917-388-2402, and according to their own representatives and a stickied Instagram post on the top of their official website does not engage in any outbound calling efforts to solicit donations.

Feed Foundation scam comment Feed Foundation scam comment

Given this information, it’s crucial that anyone receiving calls seemingly connected to the FEED Foundation does not engage with the callers or assume that they are connected to a legitimate charity for as long as this issue persists. The real mystery, however, is why the name of a modest charity has been co-opted by so many spammers and scammers, and how so many numbers are now associated with the organization.

Feed Foundation scam comment Feed Foundation scam comment

What To Do if Contacted by a Suspicious Caller

If you’re contacted by a caller claiming to be from a charity and you suspect it might be a scam, follow these action steps:

1. Do Not Engage: Do not reveal your name or any other identifiable personal information. Make sure to also avoid answering “yes” when asked a question, as scammers have been known to record your voice and use it to steal your identity.

2. End the Call: If the caller insists, hang up. Do not worry about being rude; your financial safety is more important.

3. Document the Call: Make a note of the caller’s phone number, the date and time of the

The FEED Foundation Legitimate Contact Information

The FEED Foundation is a genuine 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to eradicating hunger and fostering a sustainable and equitable global food system. The foundation’s humanitarian mission is rooted in the belief that access to nutritious food is a fundamental human right and that a universal food system should cater to everyone’s needs without discrimination.

It’s important to note that the FEED Foundation has not authorized the aggressive and misleading telephone solicitations reported by individuals. If you wish to find out about the real organization and its efforts, you can visit them on the web to learn more.

Official number: 917-388-2402

EIN: 41-2271492


Phone numbers possibly associated with The Feed Foundation spam*

Users have reported the following numbers as being associated with The Feed Foundation but knowing the charity doesn’t participate in mass calling, it is likely these phone numbers were spoofed and/or re-assigned since.

989-488-4374 415-341-9428 415-917-1135 914-484-0810
913-444-6319 919-364-6999 615-682-6886 312-552-7768
858-762-9964 936-241-0495 719-735-5241 217-280-9284
331-462-0120 704-741-1427 281-729-6404 415-449-7167
732-943-6311 509-676-8372 310-304-6943 830-590-0934
408-479-5895 443-714-6925 201-340-0533 704-324-8574

* Based on user comments received for the number.


Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.